A Guide to Intimate Pregnancy Boudoir Photography

Embracing Maternity: The Art of Pregnancy Boudoir Photography


What are these sessions, and are they the right fit?


Pregnancy is a time of profound change. It’s a journey filled with a unique beauty that deserves to be celebrated and captured. Pregnancy boudoir photography offers a stunning way to preserve this transformative experience, which is the reason I am so inspired by it! I really want to dive into the art of pregnancy boudoir photography, and if it may be the right fit for you.

I first started getting involved with this genre last winter, when a couple hired me for this vision. A vision where her pregnancy was documented bare; minimal clothing, intimate moments, with a focus on the pregnant body in all it’s beauty. While never having explored this type of photography before, I love a good challenge. After finishing their session, I was hooked.

Then another couple hired me for the same vision. And I did that session, and I fell in love even more. I realized how much I wanted to continue doing this, and offering this experience to other women. It was an amazing, empowering experience.

So here I am, ready to share this new offering with all of you. Here are a few important points to consider:

– Timing is Everything: Plan your photoshoot for the end of the second trimester or early third trimester, when you’ll have a beautiful baby bump but still feel comfortable.

 – Styling: These sessions are best in minimal clothing. A bra and underwear set, an open button down shirt, or a flowy robe. If you are comfortable, these can be done nude as well.

-Location: While these sessions are done in your home, I help you along the way with “staging.” Any home will work, as long as you have windows! You would be surprised on how I can make a space look with a little staging. I will give you items to have on hand, so that when I arrive, I can help create the perfect space for your session.
-Lighting: Soft, diffused light or dramatic shadows can create an enchanting atmosphere. We will explore many different types of light to enhance your photos.
-Partner Involvement: Consider including your partner in the photoshoot for intimate and emotional moments that express your connection during this special time.
 -Confidence and Comfort: Trust my guidance, but also communicate your comfort level throughout the shoot. If something doesn’t feel right, please let me know!
-Privacy and Consent: Share any privacy concerns you may have, and decide if you’d like your images shared publicly or not.
-Beyond the Bedroom: The bedroom is not the only place these sessions can be held. Bathtubs, floor spaces, and couches can all be used and create the perfect backdrop for strong, gorgeous images!
I would love to plan a beautifully intimate experience to document your pregnancy. If you think this may be the right fit for you, please reach out! I would love to chat more.


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