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My recommendations for saving and backing up your photos

The most reliable methods to save your photographs


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In our modern tech era, backing up your photos is more important than ever. After all, you invest good money into an artist who you trust to capture your family’s most precious moments. And while I always recommend albums, prints, and wall art, having a digital form of backup is a must. There are many different forms of backup out there, some more reliable than others! For best peace of mind, I recommend at least two forms of backup, including one cloud format. Here is a list of the backup that I personally use and recommend:

  • Dropbox.- It is a yearly subscription, and provides cloud based storage, as well as hard drive storage. Very easy to use, and great for sharing and saving files.

  • External Hard Drive- There are many forms of external based hard drives out there. Some more reliable than others. I have had great luck with La Cie . My best advice? Read reviews and research each one to find what works best for your needs!

  • Printing your photographs- There is nothing more reliable than having your work in hard copy. Invest into the album, invest into the wall art, and prints. You won’t regret it! Your photographs don’t do much sitting on a computer. Printing your photographs ensures they get to be enjoyed for years to come.

I highly recommend investing into backup methods! I have lost photographs in the past, and it is utterly devastating. And unfortunately, we often won’t take care of a potential problem, until it is a big problem. As your photographer, I take all the precautions I can to save and backup your files, so if you do ever run into any trouble, please be sure to reach out to me!

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