Capturing the details in lifestyle photography


Hudson Valley Family and Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

Why Details Matter in Your Family Lifestyle Photography Session

When I capture families, I always take a wide range of shots. From posed, to candids, and of course the details shots… it all is so very important in telling the story of your family. I really want to comprehensively document your family in this season of life. For me, this goes so far beyond the posed photo. Some of the most powerful images are those “details” shots. The dirt on your toes, the way their hand grabs yours, or the way their hair curls a certain way. These are all such delicate moments in time, that will change and evolve over time. Are there certain details that you always remember about your partner? Your kids? Your baby?

I love love the details. They are such a delicately beautiful part of your story. I have always found fascination with details- the things that many people may overlook, but hold so much. I always have paid attention to little things- the way someone looks at someone else, the way a person interacts with their environment, and so on. Honestly, I used to wonder, am I the only one who pays attention to this stuff? When I photograph, I love creating a wide variety of shots- yes, the whole family, and various interactions within that unit- but also, those precious details. So if you love those details like me, I see you. I absolutely never forget them and am always looking for them.


I wholeheartedly believe in the power of authentic documentation. Our stories and truths are not only a gift for ourselves, but also through the generations, becoming treasured keepsakes as proof of our place and time. My passion lies in storytelling that focuses on your present moments. Whether our adventures take us deep into the Hudson Valley, high in the Catskill Mountains, or within the comfort of your home, it is always about where you are meant to be and where you feel the most alive.