Why classic children’s photography is on the rise


Timeless and Classic Children’s Photography

Hudson Valley and Westchester Child Photographer

I have always been drawn to classic children’s portraits, that eliminate any cheesy or dated elements. We all remember those crazy 80s backdrops from our school photos! I also feel that children’s photography should capture the essence and personality of your child in whatever stage of life they are in. You may think the two are hard to merge together, but I promise it’s possible. After seeing other photographers do similar work and offer similar options, I’ve decided to create my own spin on the classic children’s portrait. I want to provide my families an option, for those that are looking for a more formal, posed photo, but also bringing that unique element of personality as well. Pair with a classic black backdrop, and its pure perfection!

The simple, black backdrop adds a fine art element, while allowing the viewer to focus in on all the specific aspects of the subject, the child. What clothes are they wearing? What type of facial expression are they making? It really puts all the attention to the child in the photo, really encapsulating the time in their life that they are in. Whether it is a birthday, back to school, or sports photo, these can be used for whatever you wish!

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I wholeheartedly believe in the power of authentic documentation. Our stories and truths are not only a gift for ourselves, but also through the generations, becoming treasured keepsakes as proof of our place and time. My passion lies in storytelling that focuses on your present moments. Whether our adventures take us deep into the Hudson Valley, high in the Catskill Mountains, or within the comfort of your home, it is always about where you are meant to be and where you feel the most alive.