How to creatively thrive at home with your kids during COVID-19


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No one really could have imagined just one month ago, where we are today. It’s historical, unprecedented, and quite surreal. When I drive through my usually busy and vibrant town, it now feels eery and quiet. The bustling shops and restaurants are dark. The playgrounds, which should be welcoming kids as we turn into spring, are empty. We are told to stay home, and for good reason. But as a mother, how do we handle this abrupt change in routine? How can we make this situation less scary for our children, when for some of us, our kids are too young to understand whats going on? All our kids see is that their once happy routine is no longer.

It seems like a tall order to handle. And it is. I’m figuring it out day by day, as we all are! I wanted to share some tips that have worked so far for my family. I have a 3 1/2 year old, and an almost 2 year old. My kids LOVE routine. We stick to schedules during the week, which keeps the kids happy and mom sane! So when this sudden change came upon us, we had to shift gears. My philosophy has been to try to keep the normalcy where we could so their worlds haven’t been completely rocked. We have explained simply what has been going on, so they understand there is a reason behind this change, but sparing details that could cause anxiety and fear.

Here are some tips that have worked for our family:

  • Keep communication with your teachers. I have kept in touch with my daughter’s preschool teacher, so if there are any concepts to work on, we continue to practice. We create a “school” scenario at home. I have a schedule of her day in pre-school, that we started to follow. We do art, circle time, storybook time, all in the order that she would do it in school. Her teacher gives us the lessons for the week, as well as the stories that would have been read, and songs that would have been sung. It’s not the same by any means, BUT my daughter seems to love it and welcomes the familiarity of the routine we are bringing into our home.

  • Play outside! One of the positives throughout all of this, is that the weather is starting to turn mild where we live. My kids love being outside, and we have visited new parks and trails… and get outside in our backyard often. Its amazing what some fresh air and physical activity can do to a child’s behavior and mind! Some fun activities my kids have loved is gardening, playing ball, and riding their bikes.

  • Explain on an age-appropriate level what is happening. We have explained to our kids that there is “a virus” and “a lot of germs” out there. It is a simple, yet non scary and non-threatening way to explain that this change has nothing to do with them, and that all children are going through the same thing.

  • Find a pen-pal to stay connected to friends. My daughter has a friend from school down the street, and they color pictures for each other that we leave in each other’s mailboxes. It keeps my daughter feeling connected to her friends, while getting her involved in art. And social distancing is maintained!

  • Connect with your community. Our neighborhood has a facebook page to keep connected. Our neighbors put rainbows in their windows, and used chalk to create art on their driveways. It is a fun family activity to do with the kids, and then the kids want to take walks with us around the block to look at other neighbor’s art and rainbows. It gets everyone physically active, and is almost like a scavenger hunt for kids!

  • Incorporate holiday traditions into creative fun. With Easter around the corner, it will no doubt be a different type of holiday this year. Local egg hunts are cancelled, as well as other seasonal activities. Whatever holiday you celebrate, find a way to still make it fun for your kids. We have gotten our easter eggs out, and have had many egg hunts around our house, which both my kids love!

This has the potential to be a long road ahead. If I think about it too much, it gets overwhelming. I have chosen to take things day by day, and so far it is working out. We are embracing the extra time we have together as a family, and although at times it can be stressful, I think it’s important to keep things in perspective. I have viewed this as a “re-set” button of sorts. So many projects I had lined up have been re-arranged, and you know what? That’s OK. I have a bigger job now in my mom role- keeping kids happy, healthy, and safe. I know you understand what I mean, and are feeling similar thoughts and fears. We are all in this together! Let’s find support and comfort in each other’s experiences.

Let’s all be well, and stay safe,



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