Fall Family Photography in the Hudson Valley

Best Timing For Fall Outdoor Photography


Hudson Valley Fall Photography Sessions


Fall family photography in the Hudson Valley is a perfect time for documentation of this beautiful season of your life. Autumn is by far my busiest time of year for outdoor photos in the Hudson Valley. The foliage is colorful, the weather is cool and crisp, and it is a magical time of year! While it is beautiful, there is an ideal narrow window of time that is best for scheduling these outdoor sessions for the best chance of bright foliage and good weather.

While fall weather in the Hudson Valley can be somewhat unpredictable, the end of September into early November is the ideal timeframe for best fall color and weather. The great thing about fall is that it is so colorful, that even a cloudy day won’t affect your photos. The bright colors will for sure be a beautiful backdrop no matter what the weather.

The end of September into early October sees a subtle color change with generally warmer temperatures. This time of year is good if you just want a touch of fall, but still may want to wear short sleeve dresses, or other summery type clothing. Mid October will see a lot of change! Temperatures drop around this time of the month, and because of that, the foliage really starts to brighten.

Although it can vary year by year, peak foliage in the Hudson Valley will land around the third week in October. So for those families who really want photographs with that autumn vibe, this is the time to schedule! With that said, it is a very popular time for scheduling, so if you do have your heart set on this, best to plan early!

The end of October into early November will feel very seasonal. Temperatures will definitely be cooler, so for styling you should think flannels, knits, and layering. The colors will be less bright and more muted. Rich fall tones will dominate the landscape, and will still add beautiful color to your backdrop.

After mid November, most of the leaves will have fallen and it will sure feel like a transition to winter is happening! So for best planning, end of September into middle of November will be your best bet.

With any fall sessions, once you have a timeline in mind, it is best to plan early (can’t emphasize that enough!) These dates fill the fastest than any other time of year, and for good reason. It is for sure beautiful!



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