The world of a Fresh48 session | A guide to beautiful photographs after just giving birth


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Fresh48 in-hospital newborn sessions have become a popular and common way for families to document those first few hours and days after welcoming their little one into the world. But what happens if you had a traumatic birth, or a tough C-section? What happens if you feel like you can barely walk, or use the bathroom, let alone think of family photographs?

We have all seen those pictures of celebrities looking amazing after giving birth. And I know we all remember Kate Middleton posing for the world and looking flawless after delivering all three of her children. Did anyone else wonder how she could pull off a dress at a time like that?!

With that being said, that is obviously NOT the norm! If you have had a baby before, you know the realities of what postpartum life is like. However, I challenge you to think about any moment more beautiful than the day you met your baby.

His tiny and perfect fingers that grasp yours so tightly.

Her wide eyes that make you catch your breath

The wrinkly, pink newborn skin.

The little skin folds all over his body.

The soft, downy hair on her shoulders and back.

Who did he look like? Who would she act like? So many questions, hopes, and dreams for your little one.

In a few weeks, your little one will already look and seem so different. I encourage you to document your memories from these moments, keep all the little details that capture the beauty of your newborn in your heart. Fresh 48 sessions do not require designer wardrobes or hair appointments. All that is required is to just be. Be present in the moment, with your family, and with your baby. And even if you think that you can’t imagine yourself being photographed after just giving birth, I encourage you to re-consider. The memories and moments will always outweigh anything else.

A few tips to get the most out of your Fresh 48 Newborn Session:

  • Embrace the moment- chaos, beauty and all the in between. Some babies sleep all the time. Some babies cry all the time. There is a lot that is out of your control and that is completely OK. The simplest, authentic moments will make for the best photographs, such as changing a diaper, consoling and feeding your baby.

  • Communicate with your photographer ahead of time of the expectations for the session. For example, I only like to have immediate family in the room during the session. This lessens stimulation for the baby, and allows the family to be truly present in the moment with minimal distractions. Your photographer should be able to give you clear guidelines on what to expect to ensure your session goes smoothly!

  • Make sure you bring any special, nostalgic keepsakes for your baby that you want photographed. Personalized items bring meaning and life to your pictures- no one else has the story that you do!

  • Mamas- don’t give yourself unrealistic expectations on how you should look for photographs. These sessions aren’t about new clothes and pretty outfits! If you want to get dressed up and do your hair then thats great! But, if you’re not feeling it, then thats totally OK too. Be comfortable, be yourself. The photographs will focus on the moments you have with your new baby and it is far more important to be present in the memories, than to worry about styling. The simplest moments make for the strongest photographs!

  • I encourage parents to have siblings present for the photos, or at least for a portion of the session. If the siblings are younger (ages 1-3years), it can be tough because of unpredictable toddler behavior. If parents are comfortable, I always recommend having a sibling come at either the very beginning or end of the session. You can’t get those first introduction moments back! And they certainly are the sweetest.

I have such a passion for Fresh48 sessions, and I truly believe in them so much. The emotion, and pure raw beauty that happens in those hospital rooms are moments worth documenting, for you to remember forever. And for us mamas, total warriors, creating and giving life- that is always worth celebrating.

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“One day, all your children will have are pictures of you. Make sure you are in them. No matter what your hair looks like, your makeup, or your body. They won’t care about any of that. They’ll just want to see you.”


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