How to pick the perfect location for family photos


A Guide to Natural Outdoor Photography Locations

Hudson Valley Family Lifestyle Photographer

When you are committed to your family photos, planning the perfect location can add that extra magical element to your backdrop. My biggest inspiration not only comes from connections, but also places. Have you ever visited somewhere, and just got that crazy special, warm feeling inside? Like this is where you were meant to be right now? Yea, me too! I love places that make me feel something. So that is why I encourage families to think hard about a place that will inspire them too. Because if you are in a place that makes your family feel special, it comes through in your photographs.. promise! So these are my top tips for choosing the perfect location!

  • Choose a meaningful place | If you have a special place that your family has shared memories, then nothing can replace that sentimental feeling of that location. I love to travel, so if you have a place in mind that holds special importance to you, let’s chat about it. Meaningful locations add layers of depth and emotion to your photographs

  • Consider the surroundings of your location | If you are choosing one of your own locations, think about what’s around. Is it a crowded place with a lot of people? Power lines? Cars zipping by? All of that could change the feel of the shoot, so consider all elements before deciding on a place.

  • Think Simple | There really isn’t a lot that needs to be there for a photo shoot to feel magical. Think of what’s important to you. Does your family love to spend time in parks? Hike in open fields? Explore the mountains and vistas? Think of places that inspire you on a daily basis, and consider these places as a location. A simple open field can be all you really need to create that natural feeling. Plus, it keeps the focal point on where it matters- your family!

  • Communicate with your photographer | I have a special list of places that I love to shoot in, and I offer to my clients for their photos. It encompasses many different types of environments. However, I also love traveling and exploring new places! Communication is key to make sure that the right place is chosen. Also think of any special permits or permissions that may be needed in private locations.

Want to chat more about locations? Drop me an email! I look forward to chatting with you about coming up with the perfect backdrop for your family photos!


I wholeheartedly believe in the power of authentic documentation. Our stories and truths are not only a gift for ourselves, but also through the generations, becoming treasured keepsakes as proof of our place and time. My passion lies in storytelling that focuses on your present moments. Whether our adventures take us deep into the Hudson Valley, high in the Catskill Mountains, or within the comfort of your home, it is always about where you are meant to be and where you feel the most alive.