How To Prepare For Your Family Photography Session


Hudson Valley Family and Newborn Photographer

Stephanie Lozano Photography

So you’ve booked your dream photo session! Congratulations! Now what? Ever wonder what you need to do to prepare, so that you can bring your photo vision to life? Does it seem overwhelming to coordinate yourselves and your family? I lay it out here, making it an easy and fun process for everyone.

When you book a photographer, I think it is very important to find someone who will be a support for you throughout the process. After all, they are the experts, and tapping into their knowledge is hugely helpful. When I book clients, I have created a well thought out welcome guide that I immediately send over. I find this helps answer any questions, but also gives them an idea of what to expect when working with me and how our timeline works. I am a huge fan of communication to keep things running smoothly! My guide covers everything from styling to weather concerns, and everything in between. I also like to ask my clients a few personal questions to get to know them a little better and beyond the surface. I make notes of all of what is said to me, so that I can create the most personalized and beautiful portraits that feel unique and personal to each family I work with. And finally, I hold a formal consult about a month out to answer any last minute questions, give styling advice, or just share ideas for your photos! I like to think of it as a “planning meeting.”

With all of this said, here are some quick bullet points for my best advice on planning for your family photos:

  • Take your photographers styling guidance and advice. They won’t tell you what to wear, but they can guide you to the right choices to coordinate everyone effortlessly! Plan ahead for this one too. There is nothing worse than scrambling for last minute outfits, and then being unhappy with the way you look in your photographs

  • Read any information that your photographer gives you prior to your session. Preparing is a big one, and whatever information is given to you is important to ensuring success!

  • No questions are silly! Ask, ask, and ask some more. Seriously. It is what we are there for. Are you nervous in front of the camera? Worried about your kids’ behavior? Be honest about your feelings so that your photog can create an approach that works for your family. After all, the goal is naturally beautiful photos, and it won’t work if your not vibing well with your photographer!

  • Accept the unpredictable. I’ve said this before, and will say again, but embracing what you can’t control really is the key to success here. Lifestyle photography is SO beautiful and it looks different for everyone. Don’t compare yourself to other families. Your photographs belong to your story and reflect the uniqueness of your family. As crazy as it seems in the moment, I promise you will be blown away by the beauty that is created!

If you have any more specific questions about planning for a session, or working with me, fill out the form below and let’s chat!




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