Hudson Valley Fresh48 Hospital Newborn Sessions: All you need to know in the age of COVID

Hudson Valley and Westchester Newborn Hospital Photographer

Scheduling a newborn hospital photo session in the Hudson Valley

Oh, how I miss documenting freshly born babes! Having three of my own, the first few days after your baby is born in the hospital was euphoric for me. So many emotions, some of which are joy, elation, relief.. and definitely exhaustion too! This little person who you have been waiting so long to meet is finally here. Those first few “getting to know you” days are simply magical. I love documenting them, and have a few guidelines for those who wish to welcome a photographer for a Fresh48. There are still quite a few unknowns, but here is my best advice:

  • Check your hospital policy prior to delivery on allowing photographers. For a while, no visitors were allowed, other than the parent/one support person. Although the situation is continually changing, some hospitals are now allowing a limited amount of guests. In this case, a photographer may be permitted

  • Plan Ahead! Especially with everything going on, reach out to your photographer early to let them know you wish to have a hospital session. Getting the OK from the hospital may require documentation, such as proof of vaccination or other documents. Make sure everything is arranged and keep communication open.

  • If you do get the go ahead, then GET EXCITED! You are about to be creating absolutely magical memories with your new little family member! Don’t forget to bring any keepsakes, special blankets/outfits, or momentos to the hospital. Some hospitals may not allow a lot of in and out due to COVID restrictions, so best to come prepared.

  • ENJOY the moment! You DID it! You survived pregnancy and childbirth during a pandemic. You are a rock star. Be proud, feel like a superwoman- because you are. During your session, be sure to breathe in this moment. This is one to be remembered and treasured.


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