A dog is wrapping his paw around a baby

Incorporating Pets for your Photography Session

My best tips for including your dog, cat, (or any other animal) into your photographs!


Stephanie Lozano Photography


A dog is sitting next to a baby as he is crying.

Our pets are family! For many of us, it’s hard to picture our family without our pets. They become such an important part of the family dynamic. Whether you are welcoming a baby, or have an established family, I always welcome including your furry friends in your session. When families ask my opinion on this, I always say that it is really up to you. You know your pets better than anyone. If you think your pets would do well during photos, then of course you are welcome to include them. Like kids, I recommend having treats on hand, and even toys, to keep your pet engaged and happy.

In certain situations, pets can potentially be more of a distraction, so it’s important to factor that in. Does your pet get really rowdy and hyped up? Nervous around new people? If your pet typically needs some time to settle in with new people, it may be worth considering having them sit it out. We typically have about an hour of session time, so keeping that timeline in mind is important.

If you are interested in having your pet be the focal point of our session, that is something I can do. Some pets may be ill, and you may be looking to preserve beautiful memories with them. For others, you are looking to document that special bond you share. When pets are the focal point of the session, we can spend our energy keeping your pets engaged, and include subject matter that surrounds your pets for the best photos.

And it is worth noting, we are not limited to dogs and cats! Horses, farm animals, reptiles, or any other pet you may have can potentially be photographed!

If you are curious about including your pet in our session, send me a message! I’d be happy to discuss more with you, and to see if it’s the right fit.


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