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Information on Fresh 48 hour hospital newborn sessions

Everything you need to know about a hospital newborn session

The First 48 hours with your newborn


Hospital newborn sessions are some of my favorite to document. Before you have a baby, the thought of a photographer coming to the hospital a mere 48 hours after childbirth can feel like a lot! But I challenge you to re think how you view these sessions in your head. It is less about coordinated outfits and perfect hair, and more on that “buzz” and connection post baby. Those immediate days are magic. And documenting your baby so close from womb to world is incredibly special.

There are a few instances where a Fresh48 session wouldn’t be advised. In the case of maternal or newborn complications, families may want to consider waiting until a more stable time. However, even if your baby is in NICU, sessions can still be held on a case by case basis.

So how is best to prepare for these hospital newborn sessions? Here are my best tips!

  • Choose a favorite swaddle or blanket so the session feels personalized. A material that has texture and movement to it will photograph best. Think knits, muslin, or long flowy blankets. Small cotton blankets are not advised for photographs.
  • Have on hand anything personalized you’d like incorporated. It could be a name board, crib card, blankets, etc.
  • For mamas- a simple robe in muted colors/tones is all you need! Something that opens in the front, so we can easily capture that early newborn connection skin to skin. Mamas, if you’d like another outfit that is totally OK too, but I would recommend to keep things as simple as possible.
  • Enlist your partner to help tidy up the room before our session.

That is really it! There isn’t a lot you need to do, but focus on your beautiful baby and family. I take care of the rest. More questions? Send me an email for more info on planning a memorable Fresh48 session!

A mother is holding her newborn baby in her hospital room after delivery


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