A mother is holding her newborn on her chest

Intimate motherhood photography sessions

Documenting the Sacred Motherhood Bond in Intimate Motherhood Photography


My Approach To Motherhood Sessions


There is no perfect photograph or version of motherhood in intimate motherhood photography.

Truthfully, none of us know what we are doing as mothers. We learn as we go, and we wake up and be the best we can for our kids, whatever that may look like. Some days are great and others are really hard. But that’s the thing about those really rewarding moments of life. It’s a journey, filled with ups and downs, am I right?

Motherhood is the most polarizing experience I have ever had. There are days when you think you can’t take another second, but then shortly after, they will rest their head on your chest, and you exhale, and it is all OK. I wholeheartedly believe in celebrating the heck out of those simple yet profound moments we share with our kids. It is these moments that carry us through the stages of uncertainty, insecurity, and doubt, that we all will inevitably experience as mothers.

When I document for a motherhood session, I look way beyond the “smile for the camera” moment. Yes, I will direct you in situations that I know will photograph well, but as I do that, there are always beautifully unscripted moments that take place. As an observer, I am always looking for connections like this within your family. This is what inspires me, and gives me goosebumps. As a mother, it’s these moments that truly mean the world, and that which I want to remember.

I encourage you to come as you are. The raw, authentic versions of yourselves. Be vulnerable, be open to the experience, and most importantly, be in the moment.

A motherhood session with me takes on so many different forms. It’s the posed, its the unscripted, it is all the in between. And honestly, each session is so wonderfully unique to each family. You are welcome to breastfeed, bottle feed, do skin to skin, run in the fields, pick flowers… and the list goes on. Think about the things that define your sacred bond with your children, and let’s celebrate all we can out of that. It is these moments in life that we all live for, and need to remember!

A mother holds her daughter outside close to her



I wholeheartedly believe in the power of authentic documentation. Our stories and truths are not only a gift for ourselves, but also through the generations, becoming treasured keepsakes as proof of our place and time. My passion lies in storytelling that focuses on your present moments. Whether our adventures take us deep into the Hudson Valley, high in the Catskill Mountains, or within the comfort of your home, it is always about where you are meant to be and where you feel the most alive.