Outdoor Winter Family and Maternity Photos

Creating Magical Outdoor Winter Family and Maternity Photography Sessions


How to Best Prepare for Winter Photography in the Hudson Valley


Winter can be a great time to take family photos! With plenty of natural light, open landscapes, and frozen scenes, you can create some truly magical outdoor photos. I still continue to hold outdoor sessions all year long, and I’ve grown accustomed to learning what makes winter portraits so unique.

If you are lucky to have snow, the snow creates a soft, dream like atmosphere. If snow is in the forecast or on the ground, it’s best to prepare with proper boots. Long flowy dresses will cover the boots, and no one will see your foot gear (if you are worried!)

Also, winter skies are the most vibrant! Nothing beats a colorful winter sunrise or sunset. The light is really beautiful, and capturing this in your photographs is one of my favorite things. Dramatic light creates dramatic portraits, and winter is full of it!

And speaking of sunrise and sunset, the timing in winter is super favorable for the little ones. Sunsets are early and sunrises are late. So it is helpful when planning a portrait session around bedtimes, mealtimes, and naptimes!

Some other tips to prepare for a winter session:

  • make sure the kids (and you!) have layers to warm up with in between shots, or stylish layers they can wear for the pictures! Being warm will help keep them happy.
  • Have warm drinks on hand- tea, coffee hot chocolate.
  • Have a great attitude. Yes, it will probably be cold, but expect what is to be expected for winter, and keep a great perspective. A natural and relaxed atmosphere make for the best photos.

Outdoor winter scenes are peaceful, calm and serene. They create magical, one of a kind portraits that help document a special moment in time for your family. If you would like to learn more about outdoor winter photography from me, drop me a message and say hello. I’d love to help you plan the perfect outdoor winter experience.



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