A pregnant couple is outside at sunset during winter time in the Hudson Valley

Outdoor Winter Photo Sessions in the Hudson Valley

How to plan for beautiful photographs from January to March!


Elements for magical outdoor winter photo sessions


The beauty of the Hudson Valley truly changes with the seasons. We easily come to think about spring for flowers, summer for it’s abundance of sunshine and lush landscape, and of course fall for the color! But I am here to tell you, don’t count winter out! So, how to plan for beautiful photographs from January to March with your family? I am here to share my best advice, and if outdoor winter photo sessions are the right choice for your family!

The Hudson Valley is beaming with outdoor natural beauty. Most of the same locations I use throughout the rest of the year are fair game for winter too. Of course, anything high in the Catskill Mountains is difficult due to elevation and safety; however in my locations local to Red Hook, they are pure magic!

Some of my favorite elements in winter photographs that make them unique:

  • Winter skies: Have you ever looked at a winter sunrise or sunset? The colors are out of this world! Capturing that pure natural beauty is unparalleled.
  • Snow: Snow is a beautiful storytelling element that adds texture and an ethereal quality to images.
  • The peace and quiet: Think that can’t come through in a photograph? Think again! There is a stillness in nature, in the woods, in wintertime. That peace is palpable in photographs, and it is one of my favorite things, especially in emotive imagery.

Some challenges to consider with winter photographs:

  • The ground will most likely be wet, and even a little soggy. Here I recommend women to wear a long dress, and throw on some winter boots underneath the dress!
  • It will be cold. Keep this in mind if you have little ones. Some kids love winter, and others not so much. If your child doesn’t like the cold, stay away from a winter session.
  • Your clothes may get dirty. Don’t worry, it won’t affect your photographs! I will help you here, but when we are finished with your session, you may be a little dirty especially if there is snow and mud. Be sure to wear something that is OK to get a little dirty.

Winter photographs have an other worldly feel to them- they look distinctively different than any other season! If you are an adventurous family up for braving the elements with me, let’s chat! It is so worth it!


An husband and pregnant wife are hugging in the winter outside at sunset A pregnant woman is walking during sunset in the snow


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