What To Do If It’s Overcast For Your Family Photos


Hudson Valley Family and Newborn Photographer

Stephanie Lozano Photography

You may have heard before, or maybe not, but overcast skies make photographers very happy! You may be wondering why, especially because you’ve seen some gorgeous sunset or sun flare photographs (which are so beautiful!) from your photographer. I love myself a vibrant sunset, or that just right sun flare, but to be honest, it is not always as effortless as it appears. When there is a sunset with no clouds in the sky, the sun can remain strong until it dips below the horizon. It can cause unflattering shadows or too much sun flare, and it may require some more creative direction from your photographer to ensure the most flattering photographs. Which leads me to explain, why overcast skies can be a very good thing for your photographs!

The environment around us sets the stage for your photos, and therefore can create a “mood” that can not be replicated. You may see storm clouds before your session, and be discouraged, but to your photographer, this is gold. A unique landscape can serve as a dramatic and moody backdrop to your family session. Also, a cloudy sky ensures even and filtered light during your session. What does that mean? No harsh shadows, and flawless skin tones! It really makes the people being photographed look amazing.

So, what am I trying to get at here? If you see clouds in the forecast leading up to your session, or maybe a storm has just rolled through and there are some dramatic skies going on, just trust your photographer if they continue with the session, because they know what they are doing! Your session will be gorgeous and the environment around you will add something so unique to your photos that will leave people in awe.



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