How to incorporate seasonal elements into your children’s storytelling photos


Capturing the best fall photos with your kids

Hudson Valley Lifestyle Family Photographer

We are in the thick of my absolute favorite season of all- autumn! There is so much natural beauty all around, and so many opportunities for some gorgeous fall and seasonal backdrops for your photos of your kids. I wanted to share some of my top tips for incorporating seasonal elements into your kids’ photos.

  • Use your natural environment for photographs that illicit pure and organic childhood feelings. What are some things you remember doing in the fall season? Jumping in a leaf pile, exploring the buzz of nature (squirrels, chipmunks, etc), apple or pumpkin picking? These activities travel through time and continue to be timeless memories made. Think about bringing your camera to your next seasonal outing to capture these details.

  • Use wardrobe for a more powerful photo. Think about colors that you associate with fall. I usually think of rich, warm colors. I also love textured neutrals for fall as well. For your next outing, try to plan your child’s outfit to complement the environment you will be in. This will always make for a more powerful photo.

  • And on the wardrobe discussion, I like to avoid busy prints and patterns when I’m photographing my kids. I want my photographs to be timeless and classic. I try to choose clothing that reflects this feeling as well.

  • Get away from posing, and stick with prompting! If you want a classic fall photo that illicits the pure joy your child is feeling, a posed photo will fall short. Ask them to throw leaves in the air, run around, explore the nature in front of them. Photograph THAT. Those will be the best photographs- promise! Keep your kids moving for unique child’s perspective on what they are experiencing.

I hope some of these tips help you the next time you are out for a seasonal family outing, in capturing the wonderful memories that are being made! Small adjustments can make a big impact on your photographs. Feel free to contact me if you have any more questions!



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