Styling for your Spring and Summer Photography Session

Easily Style and Choose the Best Looks

Choosing the Best Outfits for your Family


Styling for yourself is hard, but styling for the whole family? That is just stressful! That is why I have made it a point to make this process as easy as I can for you. So much of good photography is in the styling, and it is not a one size fits all approach. I give you as much support as I can to ensure a flawless look for everyone. Read on for my best tips!

  • Style mom first. It is important that mom feels good in what she wears. Styling the family around her is a perfect starting point!
  • Avoid matchy-matchy looks. Gone are the days of matching plaid sweaters and jeans on everyone. Styling is the perfect opportunity to let individuality shine through. The goal is to have everyone in something they feel comfortable in, while maintaining a cohesive look.
  • Don’t be afraid to add in patterns and textures. This is what brings a look to life! It is important to do it in the right way so looks don’t clash.
  • Outfits that look good in real life, aren’t always the best choices for photos. Certain outfits photograph better than others. I can help!

With all of these tips in mind, how can you curate the best looks for your family? I offer my families lots of support here! Upon booking, you will recieve a welcome guide with resources to help get you started. I have pinterest boards and more direct styling advice and guidance, as well as offer my favorite places to shop at a variety of price points.

My favorite resource thought that I share with families is Style and Select. This is an online interactive tool that personally curates outfits for everyone in your family based on your chosen color and style scheme, and at a variety of price points. It is so helpful! I have used this for my family and I absolutely love it. Whether you purchase pieces or not, it is at the least, great for inspiration and ideas as to what photographs best. Families especially love using this tool!

So if you find yourself stressed out about styling for your family photo session, not to worry! I give you all the support, and always here to give any feedback on outfits. I love when families send me pictures, so I can help if you are in between something. My top goal is for your family to look and feel their best!


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