A mother is sitting in a field laughing with her two young daughters

Surviving your Family Photos with Young Children

How to make the most of your session with small children

Capturing the love, chaos, and everything in between


Family photos often illicit a stressful response from parents with small children. It’s easy to see why. Between moods, outfits, and sometimes staying up past bedtimes, parents often wonder how they will make it through. I can tell you from experience, the anticipation is harder than the actual session! We often think it’s going to go one way, only to find that it’s actually a lot of fun. Changing your thought process and expectations can easily turn an ordinarily stressful time into something you look forward to, with amazing results.

First, I will talk about styling and coordinating your family. All of my families receive access to Style and Select, and I highly recommend utilizing this amazing service! It does all the work for you. You choose preferred colors and style, and the system will generate suggested pieces for you in a variety of price points. Especially if you have two or more children, this will make things incredibly easy for you when styling your family. Of course, you can also use the service for inspiration and choose to purchase clothing on your own.

When it comes to kids and meltdowns- well, it’s every parent’s worst nightmare to deal with on photo day! Summer sessions at sunset are later, and often are after kids’ bedtimes. In these situations, I advise parents to bring out all the tricks! Bribery goes far in my house, so if there is a special treat that your child may want, bring it with you. This will serve as a great incentive for kids. Also, drinks, more snacks, favorite toys or stuffed animals… and did I mention more snacks? Also, if your child still naps, and the session will take place after typically scheduled bedtimes,  I recommend to families to nap the child 30-60 minutes later than typical. This can help them make it to the end of the session.

Ultimately, my goal is to capture your children and family as authentically and naturally as possible. I do this by keeping things fun and light. And although there are times I may have them sit and pose, those times are very few. Most of the time we are running, exploring, and being silly. That is what I want to see from your kids, and that will give me the most natural smiles! Kids take cues from their parents, so my best advice to parents ultimately? If you are having fun so will your kids! Embrace the unexpected and be in the moment, and I promise your photographs will be perfect!

A mother is kissing her toddler daughter in a field at sunset in Rhinebeck NY Two young siblings are sitting next to each other in a field smiling



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