The Beauty of Outdoor Winter Golden Hour Sessions

winter sunset maternity session in the Hudson Valley

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The Advantages of Choosing a Photography Session During Winter in the Hudson Valley

When you are planning your outdoor family golden hour session, winter may not be your first choice. Winter sessions do present a variety of challenges that we wouldn’t experience in a different season. However, the unique and peaceful beauty more than makes up for it. I wouldn’t recommend winter sessions for every family, but if you are curious about one, it may just be the perfect time of year for you!

Who are winter sessions not good for? Families with small kids for starters. The early sunset time is a huge advantage, however the cold temps, potential snow/ ice/ muddy conditions, and bundling up in all the layers doesn’t sound fun when you have little ones to manage. However, if you are an adventurous couple or family with older children, then winter sessions can be absolutely magical!

Some specific elements I love that are unique to winter sessions are snow, ice, vibrant sunrises or sunsets, and peaceful landscapes. Frozen lakes, ice covered trees- it is something out of a storybook! Sunsets and sunrises in winter also are the most vibrant and colorful. Of course, we have to manage cold temps, potential muddy or slippery conditions. For this reason, couples or families that are willing to go with the flow is a must. I will help along the way with all of the planning, and any logistics that would need to be worked out.

Are you interested in planning a magical winter outdoor session? I am always up for an adventure, so message me for more information!


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