The Importance of Styling for Your Family Photography Session


Hudson Valley Family and Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

How I can help you with styling your family for your photography session

Styling goes a long way with family photos. For some, it may be something you are most excited about, but for others (like me!) it is not something I generally enjoy doing. I have carefully put together a style guide, which I give to all of my families, to give some guidance on how to put together looks for everyone that translates seamlessly into your photographs. Often times, outfits that photograph well may not be the first styles you are drawn to. After getting so many styling questions this year, I decided that it would be extremely valuable to my clients to offer a styling service to help you choose outfits that you not only feel comfortable in, but also that photographs well! Enter: Style and Select!

I have used this service for my own family when we had photos done a few years ago, and it was a lifesaver for us. I had two kids under 2, and styling was not something I had the energy to do! This service is simple, easy, and also fun to use. After you book a session with me, about two months before our date, I will send you a unique code to access your profile on style and select. You will take a short quiz that will give an indication about your style, preferred colors, and family’s overall look. From there, you will be matched with stylist approved clothing, in a variety of price points, that all cohesively go together. To top it all off, you will also be give links so that you can easily purchase the clothing that you love! It really couldn’t be any easier!

I am so excited to share this service with my clients in 2022! It will be available for ALL sessions booked! Have any questions? I am happy to help, so ask away!


I wholeheartedly believe in the power of authentic documentation. Our stories and truths are not only a gift for ourselves, but also through the generations, becoming treasured keepsakes as proof of our place and time. My passion lies in storytelling that focuses on your present moments. Whether our adventures take us deep into the Hudson Valley, high in the Catskill Mountains, or within the comfort of your home, it is always about where you are meant to be and where you feel the most alive.