What if it rains for my outdoor family photography session?

sisters together at a lake in sunset

Hudson Valley Family Lifestyle Photography

How we plan for unexpected weather

I love shooting in lots of different conditions – sun, clouds, or even fog! Cloudy or sunny- your photography session will be beautiful! Each element has its own advantages and disadvantages. For instance, with sunny days although the flares are absolutely gorgeous, it is very easy to over do it and blow out your whole shot. Cloudy days won’t give you those warm sunny shots, but we do have more flexibility over the areas we shoot in since the clouds serve as a natural light diffuser. However, if it does rain, we will look to reschedule. So how should you plan for this?

I keep an eye on the weather leading up to our session together. I always reach out to clients about a week ahead of time just to touch base, and go over any weather concerns if there are any. If it seems like the possibility of rain, I will open up the discussion for a rain date option just so that we can get an alternate date on the calendar. I will continue to keep an eye, and confirm our plan around 24 hours ahead of time. A lot of times the weather can flip flop, so I do my best to plan as best as possible!

I also am sensitive to the fact that some families may have their hearts set on a sunny day. Because of this, I do allow for one re schedule in the chance of maybe seeing a sunny day! Whatever the weather is doing, I make sure to keep open lines of communication ahead of our time together, to make sure we all are on the same page!


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