A family is walking in a field under storm clouds at sunset

What if there is rain predicted for your photo session?

Weather and rain reschedules for your outdoor photos

How we navigate if bad weather is predicted for your date


Often times, the best laid plans go astray. When we reserve your session (sometimes months in advance), there is always the possibility of bad weather or rain that can derail plans. I am mindful of this, and plan my schedule accordingly to accomodate weather and rain reschedules in a flexible way. Many of the families who see me are from out of town, and have scheduled their session to commemorate a special occasion. When this is the case, I will plan my schedule so that I am able to offer you a backup date in the case of bad weather.

In the week leading up to your session, I keep an eye on weather, and if it looks like there may be an issue, I will reach out right away. Getting an alternate date on the calendar sooner rather than later will ensure good planning for everyone.

Although I love cloudy mornings and evenings, as they allow for more flexibility with outdoor locations, some families may have their heart set on a sunny day. If you’d like sun, I offer one weather reschedule to try and catch that sun. Keep in mind however that weather elements such as wind, cl0uds, and even snow are creative and beautiful additions to photos! Often times, less than ideal weather adds dramatic elements that lend to a more emotive feel. So if you see that your day may have anything other than sun, embrace it! Aside from rain, we can work in most other weather conditions.

So all in all, I do my best to make sure we get the most out of our session. I am always watching the weather, and will reach out as soon as I notice any concerns. More questions? Please feel free to reach out!

Two young kids are running around their parents playing in a field at sunset in Red Hook NY



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