Why sunrise just may be the best time for your family photos


The Magical Hour of Sunrise for Photography

A Guide to Early Golden Hour for Families

It’s no secret that sunrise happens to be one of my favorite times of the day, however most families have a hard time imagining getting everyone up and out for a photo shoot during that time of day! Hey, I get it. Especially when there are young kids involved. But hear me out on this, because it may just be the best time of day after all.

Sunrise is quiet, calm, and insanely beautiful! Sometimes you have some light fog over the horizon, or other times, you get that pale pinkish hue that lights up the sky. If you have small kids like mine, they are always up early. In the fall, winter, and spring, they can be up before sunrise, but in summer usually it’s too early. But regardless, my kids are always better in the mornings. Having them wake up early as opposed to staying up late, is easier for us to handle… plus a good breakfast bribe always helps! Our first photo shoot as a family was when my son was 1 and daughter 2.5 years… and it was July! 5:20 am folks, no joke. And you know what? It was gorgeous, memorable, and really fun! It was strangely calm, quiet, and intimate. So this is my plea for more families to consider a gorgeous sunrise session for their families!

So what’s the magical time frame for sunrise photos? I would recommend 30 minutes before the sun rises until about 30-45 minutes after the sun comes up. That will ensure that perfect, flattering lighting that is what dreams are made of!


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