Your Comprehensive Guide to my Newborn Sessions

All your newborn session questions answered

Hudson Valley and Westchester’s top lifestyle newborn at home photographer and hospital Fresh48 photographer

If you have ever been curious about a newborn session with me, you are in the right place. I wanted to give you an easy place to reference all the important information about planning your newborn session, to make it as easy as I can. Let’s be honest, when you are preparing for your baby, sometimes photography is the last thing on your mind. I believe in an effortless and seamless process, to allow you to focus on the important things… like snuggling that sweet new baby of yours!


Yes, Fresh48 sessions are currently on hold. However, someday… oh someday… they will be back! There is an important distinction between at home sessions, and a fresh48, so I wanted to outline that for you here. Depending on the needs and preferences for your photographs, one session may suit you better than another. Some notable highlights of a Fresh48:


If you are aiming to capture those super new newborn details, that will be only a memory in a weeks time, than this is the session for you. Umbilical stumps, peely newborn skin, sleepy and snuggly babes. I have always felt that the hospital experience with each one of my kids was a magical and euphoric time. After all, you just gave life, and there is something so empowering about that. Not only that, but relief that you made it! The birthing process can cause a lot of anxiety, so no doubt, there is a sense of relief when it is behind you. There is something so raw and emotional about those first few days when you meet your baby. This session will capture all of those genuine emotions that could never be replicated.


In all of my sessions, connection is at the forefront. However, a Fresh48 takes it to the next level. A Fresh48, to me, takes all of the things you would normally do to prepare for a session, and strip it down bare. No fancy wardrobes or locations. No extreme posing or prompting. It is just you, your family, and new baby. The connection is first and foremost. Capturing the magic of bonding with your baby, learning about them, and all of their nuances. New expressions, and fresh details. If you are looking for organic photos showcasing emotion and connection, I would highly recommend these sessions.

For more info on my Fresh48 sessions, click here.


At home sessions in your safe place. These sessions bottle up your family’s memories for a moment in time.


Location is such an important part for me in my photographs. No matter the session, the location is part of your story. The home that you take your baby back to, holds so much memory, and eventually nostalgia. We incorporate the home environment into your photographs to add a layer of personality and a custom touch to your photographs. Home also makes people feel safe. The relaxed environment lends to a relaxed vibe in your portraits, which is just perfect for your newborn session. I also encourage families to think of nostalgic items that they may want incorporated into their photographs. Whether heirloom pieces or just a special momento, this once again creates a custom feel to your gallery.


Anyone who has had a baby knows, that the first few days and weeks can be a blur. Lack of sleep, coupled with the demands of an infant (not to mention if there are other siblings at home) can be overwhelming. I completely understand. I want you to be excited for our session, and not stressed- which is why I take a very laidback approach. I give a style guide ahead of our session, but I really feel like casual and relaxed work best here. You want to look and feel comfortable- after all, your new baby is the focal point. Also, I come to you, and direct you the entire time. So even if you have never had a photographer come to your home for photos, working with me will feel easy and hopefully just like having a friend with you!

For more info on my lifestyle newborn sessions, click here

If you would like the experience of a Fresh48 before hospitals are open to photographers, we can easily customize a Fresh48 experience in your home. If you are interested, please inquire with me! Can’t wait to connect with you!



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