The Beauty Of The Winter Season In Your Photographs

The Unique Beauty of Winter in Photographs

What you need to know about planning a winter session


The winter season is filled with so much magic and beauty! It may not be your first choice when planning for family photographs, but embracing the season does have unique advantages. Some of my favorite moments captured have been during winter. There are a few helpful things to keep in mind if you decide to plan a winter session for your family.

  • Snowy landscapes create soft, ethereal atmospheres. If there are frosty details in the landscape, such as icicles, snowflakes, or frost, this can further add to the magic. Keep in mind that while these landscapes are gorgeous, it’s best to plan accordingly with attire. If you have a long dress, wear boots underneath to help with the snow! Being prepared for the elements will help make the process go more smoothly.
  • Winter wardrobe can be beautiful, and embrace the layers! Knits, textures, and adding color can all create a statement and add life to winter portraits. Color contrasts nicely with snow, or layered neutral textures add dimension to your environment. Kids can wear scarves, hats, and even mittens to embrace the full vibe of winter. Just be sure to keep everyone coordinated for a pulled together look.
  • Golden hour lighting in winter time is pure magic! The skies are more vibrant, and the light is soft and dreamy. Because the angle of the sun is low, lighting really is more warm and glowy. We really take advantage of this in our session!
  • Incorporating activities into your portraits is a great way to keep the session fun and filled with personality! Some things to consider are building a snowman, sledding, or snowball fights. Activities like this naturally bring out laughter, smiles, and playfulness!
  • Indoor winter sessions are a great alternative to the outdoors, if that isn’t your thing. Embracing the coziness of the season with a fire, hot cocoa, or knitted blankets are all storytelling elements that turn your photographs into magical captures.

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