Hi, I'm Stephanie

My love of photography began over 20 years ago from the inspiration I found in my world travels and landscape scenes.

After my children were born, nostalgia kicked in, and I felt the insatiable desire to remember their childhood through portraits. My photography took a focus to families, children, and newborns.

I have been drawn to natural light and vast landscapes for as long as I can remember. I also absolutely love documenting life, and finding magical moments in ordinary places.

Merging my two inspirations, meaningful spaces and the family connection, is the heart of my work. Whether in an outdoor location, or the comfort of your home, these spaces set the stage for the depth of your photographs, allowing families to be comfortable and themselves. The result? Timeless, genuine, and soulful imagery that is meant to be cherished forever.

My background also includes 12 years as a neonatal intensive care nurse in the community. After taking a hiatus from nursing to stay home with my kids, my dream to pursue photography professionally began to take shape. I’m so lucky to continue my work with newborns and families through my art.

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We May Be A Good Fit If…

  • You are looking to go beyond traditional posed pictures, and have images that show the true personality and authenticity of the ones you love most.
  • You are sentimental about your past and present, and looking for a timeless way to preserve your memories.
  • You are looking for images in gorgeous locations that inspire natural interactions.
  • You love to live in the moment and embrace life, and all it has to offer.

And you know that photographs are keepsakes to be cherished… a way to preserve the here and now, to carry with you into the future. If this sounds like you, then have a look around. I’d love to get to know you!