Family Photography

You have a unique story, a journey you have taken that brings you to the present. I want to learn about who and what makes your heart skip a beat. My approach is natural. And while I always take posed photographs of your family, those images are just one aspect of your collection. I love focusing on details, natural interactions, and candid moments shared. While I do offer prompts and direction, I also allow for our time together to naturally unfold which gives each session a unique individuality. I find the most inspiration and beauty in these moments!

I work with each family individually prior to our session to ensure the session feels personal, meaningful, and captures the heart of your loved ones. Curious as to what a family session with me is like? Click Here for all the info.

If you are planning a larger gathering, my extended family sessions allow us more time to explore, learn, and tell all the unique details of your story. Grandparents and extended family are welcome to join in these and can offer a beautiful legacy to your photographs. 

I encourage all families to personalize their sessions by incorporating heirlooms, pastimes, or any bit of nostalgia you can think of for an extra layer of depth and emotion.